RelyOn Virkon Virucidal Disinfectant, Powder form (20 x tubs of 10 x 5g tablets)


  • Model:CL900-01
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• Wide spectrum disinfectant effective against all 22 virus families affecting man and animals, including HIV and Hepatitis B

• Any viral disease which is transmitted via surfaces or instruments contaminated with infected blood, body fluids, faeces or saliva can be controlled by the correct application of Virkon

• Diluted to 1% in water, Virkon can be used to clean and disinfect equipment and surfaces

• Bactericide and fungicide

• Odourless

• Non-irritant to skin and eyes

• No maximum exposure limit required under COSHH

• Dissolves easily

• Non-corrosive, non-bleaching, bio-degradable

• Widely used during the SARS and MERS outbreaks

• Preferred choice of disinfectant in medical facilities, pathology and biosafety containment laboratories, treatment salons and residential homes

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