FORTUNA OPTIFIX SAFETY S Bottle Top Dispenser 1 - 5ml


  • Model:10110733S
Product may vary slightly from image representation.
• With 2 PTFE adaptors GL 40 + 45, and 1 PTFE intake tube

• Graduation: 0.1ml

• Suitable for fuming acids and other corrosive liquids

• Triple sealing for your working safety:

1) By the additional safety valve in the ventilation channel

2) By the sealing lip at the end of the dosing piston

3) Through the PTFE-safety stopcock

• In accordance with ISO standard 8655, ensuring highest accuracy

• Use of high quality materials such as PTFE and borosilicate glass results in a long life span

• No metal spring ensures no contamination of the dosing liquid

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