[Global Model] Hot Plate (NINOS) 350? 170 x 170mm(AC220V plug type: F )


  • Model:1-4601-31-90
Product may vary slightly from image representation.
• The top plate size:?170mm type
• Changes (overview):
• ?Display part:Improved visibility with negative backlight
• ?PC comm. interface:USB-B type
• ?Plug type:I type (for China) added
• ?Add safety function
• Max. temperature(?):350
• Top plate material:Aluminum (ceramic coating)
• Frame size(mm):170?170
• Setting temperature range:Room temperature+10 to 350?
• Temperature setting:Digital input
• Temperature distribution width:4? (This is a reference value when the temperature distribution width is 25? in the indoor environment.(No wind, no load, using internal sensor) and setting 200?.)
• Temperature control method:Microcomputer PID control method, ON/OFF control method
• Temperature display method:LCD digital display (simultaneous display of setting/measurement temperature and heater output bar graph display)
• Internal temperature sensor:K thermocouple
• Heater capacity:680W
• Timer function:Setting range/1 min. to 99 hour 59 min. (per 1 min.)
• Program function:Number of steps / up to 8 steps, number of repeats / up to 9999 times
• Add-ons:Set value memory, key lock, alarm signal output, auto tuning, temperature correction
• Setting resolution:Temperature 0.1??hour 1 min.
• Communication cable:1-4594-26 USB cable
• Compatible OS:Windows(R)XP/SP3/Vista(R)/7/8/10(32?64bit)
• Safety device:Self-diagnosis function (upper and lower temperature abnormality detection ? heater abnormality detection ? sensor abnormality detection)?Abnormal heating prevention device (thermostat) ? Overcurrent fuse
• Safety function(software):Upper and lower temperature alarm output + relay cutoff,LBA detection function, overheating prevention (internal sensor)
• The appearance size(mm):240?280?101
• Power supply:AC220V 50/60Hz
• Power cable length:Approx. 1.8m
• Power plug:F type:Mainly for Chinese
• Control Panel : English
• Plug: Type F(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_electricity_by_country)